Monday, September 12, 2011

And Now...We Wait

I went to an audition Sunday night and at the end of the audition, all 25(or so) of us were told that we would know by the end of the week whether we got a role in the production or not. Five roles are available, over 30 people auditioned for these roles, all roles are female parts and I am in the age range to play only 2 of the 5 parts available.  When you want something so bad and all you can do is wait, each 'tick' the hands make on a clock seems to take a minute to finish.  I cannot call the director and beg or grovel or tell them how dedicated I would be to any role given to me or how much I would be willing to give to the production or who's feet I'd be willing to but seriously.  I can check my email inbox every hour and keep my cell phone in my pocket so I can grab it the minute it rings -but in the end, all I can do is wait.

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  1. I did not get a part in Jenny's House of Joy but I do wish the cast, crew, Theatre Soup, Sookie Mei and Lesleigh Turner all the best for the show!

    I have since auditioned for a local production of Treasure Island by Ken Ludwig coming soon to the Palace Theatre in London, Ontario and will let everyone know as soon as I know myself - whether or not I got a part :)