Tuesday, July 03, 2012

2012 ~ Going into Business for ME!

I have seen the light!
Working part-time, on-call, on a temporary basis for minimum wage
is NOT going to fund my theatre company.

Earlier this month, I was invited to a business launch party for a local theatre friend of mine, Martha Zimmerman.  Martha is an equity actor who lives in London, Ontario and for as long as I've known her - she's been an actor. Acting is what she loves to do and is something she is truly passionate about. She has been an inspiration to me and others in the local theatre community.  I also attended one of her classes on Shakespeare and was truly amazed at how she got me and the other students excited about a text I never thought I'd understand let alone be excited about.

Martha's business launch party was to announce her start with a skin care company which sells botanically-based, 100% Vegan & PETA-approved products. She has decided that she wants to continue her work as an actor but refuses to work a 9-5 job where she must report to the "head cheese" and do what they say when they say it for as much (or as little) as they decide to pay ~ in order to pay the bills.

I had decided before arriving at this business launch that I would purchase one or two products to support Martha in her new business but that I wouldn't let myself get too excited in the business opportunity.  That changed very quickly.

When I learned that the products were Vegan - at first, I didn't really see just what that meant. Then I learned a company can sell a product which was not tested on animals but still contain animal bi-products. Gross! I am not a vegetarian however the thought of lathering up with a body lotion which contains animal fat, for some reason, grosses me out! I also discovered that none of their products contain artificial colours or frangrances which have always seemed to cause breakouts on my body.
I have decided to join Martha and her team on this journey to something better.

There are 3 reasons why I am sharing this exciting news on my theatre blog:

#1. I want to tell everyone my plans and goals and reasons for joining this company publicly.

#2. I want to set-out clear expectations for myself and keep the goal of improving my theatre company in sight.

#3. I want to ensure all my friends, family and theatre supporters that I will not become a "crazy Avon lady" and I will not knock on anyone's door to join my business or buy the products.
I've tried the products and love 'em and I believe in Martha. That's why I've chosen this fresh start.
Here are my goals I am setting out to achieve:
-be able to offer theatre workshops locally without charging the participants.
-be able to produce (at least) one comedy each year.
-be able to volunteer more time and donate more money to local theatre.
-volunteer more time and money to the following groups and organizations:
-have the freedom to rehearse, direct and teach theatre without "getting time off" from an employer.
-purchase or rent a larger rehearsal space for Maybles' Productions.
-have my choices NOT be limited by my paycheque or an employer.
-never kiss someone's..."feet" or pretend to be grateful again during an interview when they offer me some crap position for minimum wage on evenings and weekends (when I do most theatre!).

STAY TUNED for a blogpost about an upcoming production of "Goodnight Children Everywhere" written by Richard Nelson, directed by Elizabeth Newman and going up at the Palace Theatre October, 2012 ~ starring yours truly as Anne.

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