Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Theatre: Where we lose and find ourselves at the same time"

To an audience member: theatre might be an escape, a place and time where they can forget about their power-hungry boss or their bills which are months overdue.  Theatre could mean a night of cheap entertainment in comparison to a concert or movie.  Perhaps, to them, theatre means forgetting about the problems and issues they face in their own lives at home and taking a break from it all as they watch someone else push through and deal with more serious issues.  It might be the place where they can watch, care for and follow a character who has it worse off than themselves.

To an actor: theatre might be the place where they can become someone else and live someone else's life for 2 hours a night for 2 weeks.  Theatre might be a place where they can put on fancy clothes and wear pretty make-up without ridicule (unless it is is ridicule they are going for ;).  To actors, theatre means opportunities to please an audience and take full responsibility for a standing ovation or the roar of over 1,000 people clapping in appreciation for a job well-done.

Theatre affects many people in different ways.  Audience members, Directors, Producers, Actors, Light & Sound Operators, Stage Managers, Stagehands, Set Designers & Builders, Costume & Prop Coordinators the list goes on!

What does "THEATRE" mean to you?

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