Thursday, October 27, 2011

2 Whole Hours of Fightin', and Bitin', and Pushin' and Head-Buttin'...

...and not a single lad, lass or pirate were harmed.

Surprise! Tis I, Jemmy Rathbone, 'ere again to inform all ye puss oozing, theivin' mongrels just what 'appened at this evenin's rehearsal.
The evenin' started with a good...start. The sun twas shinin' and no rain was fallin' down on us (like it has every other night for the past 2 weeks!). Everythin' was "peachy" aboard the Hispaniola and all the nasty filth known as pirates aboard were all but mindin' their own business, that is, until the sword-shieldin' boatswain who answers to the name of "Brock", did take the evenin's activities into his own hands.
It twere every man for himself then.
Afore I knows what's happend, the entire crew has turned their backs against me, ME I say! They approached me swift as hungry felines comin' in for the kill. They were all shieldin' knives in their mouths and holdin' pistols in their hands - pointed in MY direction! I didn't know what I was supposed to do OR what I did to make all me best mates turn against me in a mere moment with enough hate to sink a whole fleet.
I have the queerest feelin' that I've been set-up! But by who?...I think the univarse is tellin' me that I ain't to be findin' out just what has got these powder monkies' knickers in knots until opening night: February 3, 2012 at the Palace Theatre.
Be there to support yer fellow mate, me Jemmy Rathbone, and the rest o' them scurvey dogs upon the great spanish ship - the Hispaniola!

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