Friday, October 14, 2011

Stage Fightin' - It's a Shrew'd Business

Arr maties! Tis I again, Jemmy Rathbone, here to tell ye all 'bout the happenins and goin ons at the Palace Theatre jurin last night's combat workshop.  Never before did mine eyes see such a sight as they did lay 'pon last eve.

I was surrounded by nasty, dirty, snarlin' pirates both men and women alike-fallin' to the cold, dirty and dusty floor beneath them like maggots.  To any onlooker that should'st peak there noses into Procunier Hall last evenin', would have discovered a sight which would have appeared to look like an epic swordfight and perhaps, at times, a mass suicide. Bodies fallin' to the ground in every which way direction, swords were drawn and shots were fired!  It were a magical sight seein so many bodies sprawled all over the place like feta cheese on a nice Greek salad. What...pirates go on diets too ya know!

I did get meeself acquainted with the fair and lovely Reverend's Wife and Ms. Hawkins - though I fancy mine women to'have a few teeth missin' meeself.  I also did have such luck as to fight a few of the greatest pirates who e're did walk the face of this earth!: Cap'n Flint, Black Dog, Calico Jack, George Merry, Israel Hands and Long John Silver hi'self!

The fella in charge of last eve's fightin' and brawlin' and the man entirely responsible for all the sword sheildin', punch throwin', face slappin' and guns a blazin' was the mighty Brock Brockenshire! If ye want to learn how to fight like a REAL man, give him a call or check out his website & company called Shrew'd Business. If he can't put yer men in place, no one e're shall.

The next set date for pirate meetin' at the Palace be this Sunday - stay tuned!

Don't miss Ken Ludwig's Treasure Island coming to the Palace Theatre in London, Ontario February, 2012!