Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm Going to Die Tonight

I know who is going to do it, I know when and where and why they're going to do it.
The only question left is whether ot not I will be able to lie still for 20 minutes or more while everyone else tries to put the pieces together and solve my murder.
That's right. Tonight, I'm going to be killed for the benefit of an audience AND that audience is actually going to pay money to watch it all go down! It's all pretty sick when you think about it - someone actually looked up the words "murder for hire" online to do one of two things:
1) Try to find someone they can hire and pay to kill someone else.
2) Hire a company known as "Murder for Hire" to hold a murder mystery dinner for a special occasion.
Thankfully, someone was not in fact looking to have me killed but rather looking for someone to pretend to kill someone else at their special event or occasion for fun.
I have been working with Murder for Hire now for nearly 4 years and in all the murder mysteries I have performed in, a woman has never been the one to be murdered. In fact, I've played the murderer more often than not. I am PUMPED to have the challenge tonight of being the one to be dragged into the room (preferably by the arms and NOT my hair), dropped on to the floor in the middle of the room for all the guests to gawk at, FACE UP with my eyes closed AND I have to lie there through dessert until the end of the performance without moving (if possible). 
In previous performances, there have been guests who went right up to "the body" to investigate gunshot wounds or see if the 'body' is still breathing or not. It amazes how many people ACTUALLY comment on the fact that the 'body' is still breathing! After all this time, people still think actors in murder mysteries ACTUALLY kill someone for the audience's entertainment.
I'm sure tonight's performance will have it's own challenges, laughs and unexpected audience involvement. I will be sure to update this blog post tomorrow to let you all know what it feels like to play dead to entertain others as well as inform you of the "interesting" things audience memebers are certain to do to me while I'm down.