Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Theatre Therapy

"Wake-up, make your lunch, grab a quick coffee and a granola bar, get stuck in traffic and construction on the way to work, try to find parking in the morning rush, get to work, deal with the day's challenges including deadlines, staff and management THEN get back into your car, get stuck in traffic and construction on the way home, get home, find out what groceries you actually have to make dinner, decide on a dish to make that will please the whole family, make a mess of the kitchen while cooking, scarf down dinner, clean the kitchen, maybe watch some TV, brush your teeth, have the kids brush their teeth, struggle with them to get into bed and go to sleep so mom and dad can maybe have a few minutes of alone time before going to bed themselves...and repeat."
Sound familiar?
THEN, once or twice a week, the schedule changes. Instead of going home, you go to a rehearsal.  You are greeted with hugs and caring words from your co-actors and crew.  You are welcomed with the thoughts, words and support of a whole team.  As a group, you work together to achieve the same goal.  You can talk about your daily stresses and worries, you can brag (or complain) about your spouse or kids and the group will understand.  Theatre IS Therapy - and it doesn't cost $100 per hour!
 Just last night, I attended the first production meeting of the "Twiddle Plays" which I will be directing and producing with my theatre company Maybles' Productions.  The purpose of this meeting was for the team to meet each other, learn about the company's values and goals and discuss marketing ideas.  The stage manager, sound designer, production assistant and leading lady were all present.  Over coffee we laughed, joked around and had the opportunity to start building the foundation of this production.
I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and support of this production.
When I left, I couldn't help but get a little teary-eyed for I felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Having been stressed-out and high-strung over issues at work, I left that meeting feeling lighter, more confident and happy.
During this time when people are having less face-to-face time and more "Facebook" time, it is so important for people to have the kind of contact and connection that only Theatre can provide.
When the going gets tough - the tough do THEATRE!